An adventurous alpha female with a bohemian soul and champagne taste guided by insatiable curiosity in pursuit of her dreams.

about the author

Crystal Carson began her career in the traditional media world as an Editor and Contributor to multiple print publications since 2002; producing, directing and styling photo shoots.

A few years and many tear sheets later Crystal entered into the world of television both behind and in front of the camera. Her experience encompasses journalism, advertising and entertainment creating dynamic and innovative cross-platform content.

Crystal’s continuously evolving career has guided her into the digital landscape where she is known to engage audiences with a reputation for high-end creative quality and production value.


There are moments in your life when you decide to change your trajectory and listen to your intuition, driven by curiosity. This is one of those moments in my life. My journey seeks new inspiration, self-love, and passionate purpose while remembering my inner warrior goddess is alive and well.

I have regretted not documenting my journey in the past; with that in mind, I am seeking to remember these pinnacle moments of change and daily rituals. This is my journal of the journey seeking, creating and manifesting a new life filled with dreams come true. -Crystal Carson

Embrace your life journey with gratitude, so that how you travel your path is more important than reaching your ultimate destination. – Rosalene Glickman