about the author

Crystal Carson is a trailblazer, a connector, and a businesswoman, regardless of the industry, one will always find Crystal at the forefront of innovation and change. She is often referred to as a modern-day renaissance woman, operating at the intersection of creativity and commerce.

Crystal is a small-town Canadian girl with big dreams. Think ‘Sex in The City, and she’s Carrie and Samantha combined – an adventurous alpha female with a bohemian soul and champagne taste. Crystal hustles through life, learning failures are simply the channels to success, her insatiable curiosity is the inspiration of pioneering a unique path in the journey to life’s purpose.

Crystal believes trauma can indeed be a powerful experience if one lives in their truth because of it. Her ability to overcome her most significant challenges in business has come through the strength and knowledge gained through challenging personal experiences.

An influencer and storyteller, Crystal’s passions naturally led her to a career in media. In 2006 she began her career in the traditional media world as an editor and contributor to multiple publications such as Elle Canada, Vancouver Sun, and Fresh Magazine. A few years and many tear sheets later, she entered the world of television, working in front of and behind the camera for CTV, ET Canada, and Global News.

At the core of everything is Crystal’s relationships. Energized by others, she has cultivated a global point of view with circles of international tastemakers and friends.

Crystal is about the WHY, continually inspired by leaders’ innovation in their industries; she loves connecting the brightest minds to create something new. She has built a vast network of unwavering trust, working with high-profile entrepreneurs, global brands, and media outlets. She has a personalized ‘search engine’ for entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators with her ability to spot patterns that facilitate new opportunities.

Through risk and renewal, Crystal has transformed herself throughout her life, entering new arenas without fear. She recognizes each transformation as revolutionary, as from each, she draws the knowledge and experience to succeed. Everything she does has a fine sense of harmony and contagious energy, whether facilitating change, connecting the right people, leading a team, or building a brand.